Shay M

Dec 2017

When I was dealing with sciatica, I looked into a few different methods for managing and treating the pain. Unfortunately, YouTube videos, medications, and physicians were not enough to keep the pain under control. However, it took just two sessions with Tia over a few weeks to completely rid myself of the pain. She gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to manage and then completely eradicate my issue, and it has yet to return after nearly 6 months! I completely trust her to not only solve, but to also educate on, issues that would otherwise severely complicate life.

Silvia S

Dec 2017

I’d been a truly active person for years when I first met Tia 1 1/2 years ago, but my eating was out of control, and I was carrying around lots of extra weight. I was strong, but was always in pain. I hoped that she would help me power through myriad old injuries and help me get my body back. 

The first thing Tia did was put me on a food plan. She had me write down everything that crossed my lips and report in to her each week. Having someone I was accountable to helped me open my eyes.

One day, I was in Tia’s work out room and broke down and cried. I shared with her that over the past 40 years, I have worked hard to kick every substance under the sun. I told her that I’ve been dancing around food addiction ever since I can remember and had tried everything! Though I knew I was strong and had willpower, nothing ever worked for me and I felt defeated.

I was a miserable wreck, sitting in a lump on her floor and shared all of it with Tia. She told me not to worry, that she would take care of it. I smiled, certain I was making a fool of myself and she just wanted me out of her studio!

The next week when showed up, I was amazed to find that Tia had put herself in my shoes, considered what it must be like for me, asked around, looked online and researched options for a hard core food addict. She found an amazing program and told me about it. I bought the book from my phone as soon as I got in my car, read it cover to cover, and I haven’t looked back!

I continue to be accountable to Tia, and she helps me find workouts that suit my body and help me function better. She works around my old injuries and I’m getting stronger, faster and more flexible. I’ve lost over 50 pounds and know for a fact it will not come back! My pain is gone, my body is back and I am happy, thin and free!

Tia put herself in my shoes and supported me every step along this journey. With her help I will continue to work out in a way that suits my age and body. Reporting in to her will help me stay on track.

Without our health, we have nothing. Tia’s combination of knowledge, open mindedness and skill, along with her ability to modify and adapt, has brought me to a new place in my journey toward health and wellness for which I am so grateful!


- 35 lbs

- 35 lbs

- 50 lbs

- 50 lbs

Dave H.

May 2017

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I have been running for the past 40 years. I started working with Tia for Hood to Coast race 2016. After a few sessions, my performance improved drastically. I shaved off a minute per mile. Feeling encouraged, I signed up for Eugene Marathon 2017. Tia prepared me mentally and physically to run my best, at age 59 I ran a Marathon at 3h 49m, which qualified me for Boston Marathon 2018. Completed the Boston Marathon! The mind and body training came in very handy to push me through despite one of the worst weather years in recent history. Working with Tia has helped me improve my speed, stamina and recovery, I have been able to shave off two minutes per mile and enjoy running without pain.

Janey N

March 2017

I was recommended by my physician to Tia regarding my back pain. I was in two accidents in 2016 and was having back pain. I was seeing a chiropractor for about 5 months with some improvement but was still waking up with burning back pain that kept bothering me. I went back to my primary care physician and he told me to try Muscle Activation/Pilates with Tia. After working with Tia for about 6 months using muscle activation techniques as well as Yoga and Pilates, it has definitely improved my pain level! I don't wake up on a daily basis with burning back as pain as much. Working with Tia has been great and have improved my strength and balance. It has also improved my running. Tia is very knowledgable and have enjoyed working with her!

Betty W

December 2016

As a long distance runner for over 30 years, I have particular maladaptive muscle memory when I begin to fatigue. Tia was very helpful in teaching me how to activate the areas that release muscle tightness and cause the proper muscles to work effectively, especially in the hip girdle, diaphragm and hamstrings. I was impressed with her overall knowledge of anatomy and eclectic training methods . Thanks to Tia's instruction, I can now use the activation techniques myself and hope to be running for many more years.

Cynthia P.

May 2016

I have had piriformis pain for about seven years, which means I have problems sitting for long periods of time, and I have sciatica pain.

After about 10 sessions, my pain has reduced significantly, my flexibility has improved dramatically, and I am able to perform some of the exercises on my own to alleviate the pain.

Tia has a high-level knowledge of anatomy, and with her caring and compassionate character, she is an asset in improving her clients' quality of life.

Update: As of October 2016, I am pain-free. Feel wonderful, thank you Tia!


Cristina S.

I started training with Tia in 2004. Not only did I get into shape, but I also fell in love with health and fitness. Twelve years later, I am still eating well, exercising and on my way to becoming a certified personal trainer.

Grace C.

When I started working with Tia, I was 162 pounds and a size 12/14. That was 10 years ago and I have never looked back. Tia is a kind, caring, considerate person. She helped transform my former self into a 4/6 at 130 pounds. But those are all just numbers. She taught me little tweaks in my diet that I still continue today. She was always telling me, "You can do it." Tia is an inspiration and I loved working with her. She knows how to get results. She helped me get the results I wanted for myself.





Preeti J.

May 2016

Tia is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. I recommend her to anyone.

I have been training with her for about three months and she is simply awesome. She has a great understanding of how the body works and how to get the best performance out of you. Tia is truly passionate about fitness and a great motivator! The sessions with her are always different, evolving and specific to your goals.

I did a 12-week weight loss program with her. She gave me a nutrition plan that was not difficult to follow and has guided me to make adjustments or introduce healthy food options to satisfy my cravings. When I started the program, she called every day to check on me, helping me cruise through it. She was always there whenever I needed her, which made the program easily doable.

I had lot of issues with my back and feet. She helped me get my back in better shape with the weight loss. While training with her, I've learned quite a bit about nutrition and body mechanics. I have lost 20 pounds and feel more mindful and excited about the changes I've made with her encouragement. She is simply THE BEST!