All disease begins in the gut. - Hippocrates

The process of digestion and absorption is critical to health. We have to be conscientious about what we eat and how foods benefit us.

At the very simple level, the human body has to have a balanced pH (acid/base level) to function correctly. Research has proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline state, yet it thrives in an acidic environment. 

On the pH scale of 1 to 14, an acidic environment is less than 7.4. A basic or alkaline setting is greater than 7.4. The human body works best when it remains close to 7, which is neutral. You can find more information and pH values here.

Healthy gut flora, the complex community of microorganisms living in the digestive tract, has a balanced pH. Probiotics, which are typically associated with a healthy digestive system, may also help maintain this balance. These five foods help improve gut flora and balance the body's pH: